African People: Freedom is your Right – Make Noise, Real Noise

African people have been fooled long enough by their leaders. Increasing unrest everywhere: disentegration, disorganization, coups, killing, politically-motivated insecurity and security uncertainty created by voluntary development organizations (VDOs). Issues can no longer be resolved by palliatives. The betrayal of Democracy in Africa: no sense of duty, only sense of self-enrichment. Public servants have thoughts in terms of riches without service, leaving service without riches to those they consider fools. Traditional fathers are not questioning the servant leaders either. Many African people are beginning to see the reality: immediate future looking even darker than the immediate past. Political corruption is accepted, even by developed democracies, as a necessity of government and illicit practices have permeated the entire economic and democratic structures. The word politics stinks. Many beautiful and happy homelands of heroes, homes of plenty and abundance becoming no more than an uninteresting desert because of deceitful democratic decadence. Politics of terrorism and Illicit practices emerged, became widespread in Africa, especially Nigeria. The rest of Africa thrown into permacrisis. The genesis: the fire that started at the center in the aftermath of 9/11 spread to all neigborhoods and intensified slavery especially in Africa. Terror-politics became profitable, enhanced by kidnapping and banditization of the less-privileged, actually the vulnerable population. African nations took advantage in using terrorism to champion democracy for the reign of impunity: a system designed to disobey the law and the African Congresses, under the disguise of democracy, are legislating African people into slavery, into poverty. Actually, slavery is not completely bad because slavery is capable of furthering civilization.

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