Director of Public Affairs

Aude ZAGBAI is the Director of Public Affairs for Africa Intelligence Agency. She holds a Higher National Diploma in Business Management from INSTITUT SUPERIEUR STE SOPHIA, Abidjan COTE D’IVOIRE. Aude started her career teaching French to an English-speaking Junior High School, Pathfinder Model School, IBIADE, Ogun State, Nigeria. She interned as Commercial in charge of sales in Sicadimex, Adidjan, Cote D’Ivoire. She consolidated her interactive exposure in English and French from those engagements in Nigeria and Cote D’Ivoire to advance her communication skills as Bilingual (Fluent in French and English).

From 2012, Aude served as Customer Service Representative in IBIS Hotel, serving high profile clients in a 5-Star Accor Hotel Group and in 2016, she moved to a more advanced Customer Management role in Radisson Blu Hotel in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire, where she also acted as Accountant Attache’. She is highly experienced in managing customer service activities, managing clients from international organizations and multinational institutions, including Voluntary Development Organizations or NGOs.

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