Dr. Daniel Udo-Akang

AIA/ACP Project Coordinator

The full breath and achievement of Dr. Daniel Udo-Akang’s work becomes evident in his unflinching struggle and unwavering passion and commitment to make Africa a better place for all people. The founder of Africa Intelligence Agency. An uncompromised voice, a stoic, with extraordinary talent invested in the most-high-stake commitment to support the development of capabilities for the advancement of Africa in the 21st Century. He was Intelligence Studies Instructor at American Military University, West Virginia, from 2010 to 2019. He has been teaching Homeland security and Intelligence professionals serving in various U.S. Homeland Defense and Intelligence institutions for the past 10 years. Daniel is an accomplished International Investigator and one of the Principals, Federal Security Services Group, USA.  


He graduated from Bellevue University, Nebraska, American Military University, West Virginia, and Northcentral University, Arizona where he earned MS in Security Management, MA in National Security Studies, and a PhD in Homeland Security, Leadership and Policy respectively. In 2014, his research on the “Assessment of Barriers to Institutional Consensus in the U.S. Homeland Security Community” was one of the few selected bibliography for U.S. Army War College’s Library. Daniel’s mentors described him as unusually gifted researcher…He had shown exceptional research skill and ability in the way he handled his PhD dissertation, from the beginning to the end. He earned President Obama’s commendation for his research on Obamacare security in the Cyberspace published by American International Journal of Contemporary Research: A publication made at a time when Obamacare was challenged by widespread speculation on beneficiaries’ data insecurity. As a PhD student, Daniel published very interesting peer-reviewed papers and institutional webzines, including Cyber Attacks: Contemporary Warfare, which was published by Israeli Homeland Security (i-HLS). On assessment of his interesting publications, Dr. Daniel Udo-Akang earned ‘Publishing Author Excellence Award’ from the Northcentral University, Arizona.


Daniel is a smooth character, smart, and have a head for International politics, National Security, policy and strategy…he has been assisting in several sensitive security and intelligence projects in Africa. Prior to the establishment of Africa Intelligence Agency (AIA), Daniel observed that Africa was cracked but not broken: “Africa, like any other continent has a past, a history which could be reconstructed: that it was historically an origin of Western Civilization.” Africa lacked independent intelligence capability – which is the dot AIA was established to connect. It’s time for Africa to begin to build intelligence leads to secure African homeland and its people…Africa can no longer disregard or compromise its sovereignty. It’s time to take advantage of certain global capabilities to develop and secure African brand in technology, science, homeland security, and homeland defense. Most importantly, to secure and safeguard African people and animals and birds and rich maritime resources from weapons’ proliferators and dangerous waste disposals in African waters and the entire homeland. Thomas Jefferson said, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free…it expects what never was and never will be.”  

Daniel has been delivering important homeland defense and intelligence speeches to top government functionaries, in dealing with politics to push things across complex situations of insecurity, intelligence dysfunction, and threats. His interaction with U.S. President Obama fixed many issues in Africa, especially Nigeria. Just recently, he filed court injunction to terminate/suspend arms deal between the United States and Nigeria in an effort to safeguard the lives and properties of vulnerable Muslims and Christians families in Nigeria. He earned President Trump’s support in that direction and for a peaceful 2019 presidential elections in Nigeria. Daniel served as independent investigator/observer for various democratic transitions in Africa. In 2010, he was instrumental to the removal of Nigeria from the U.S. list of terrorists’ nations after his presentation to the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs. He described Boko Haram as a political Islamofacism sustained by government-community stakeholders used to provoke terrorism for illicit advantage. Daniel has been providing  assessment of terrorism activities in Africa and the Middle East. He proposed country-specific population security strategy (PSS) for effective counterterrorism effort in Africa and the Middle East.


He has deep passion for research to uncover historical facts: how Canada created in 1867 by the British North America Act championed by twenty-three polite Canadians who met in Prince Edward Island: the Charlottetown meeting led to confederation and Canada slipped quietly into the world stage. He said, “nobody could have predicted the sea change in China that occurred in a couple of decades championed by Deng Xiaoping, the Architect of Modern China” (1904 to 1997). Daniel also fall in love with the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi of India, the independence struggle and just in 1991, India neoliberal economic reforms transformed and projected the country to the third largest and fastest-growing economies in the world, despite territorial disputes with China and mostly Pakistan. Daniel pointed to South Korea as a high-income developed country today; it’s on record as the most industrialized member country of the OECD: ranking fifth largest exporter in the world; largest ship builder in the world: an amazing work of Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) based in Ulsan, South Korea.

Advice For African People:

Daniel frowned at the actions of African States in the United Nations General Assembly, describing their political alignment as “anti-colonial historical negligence.” Citing Ashanti popular adage, Daniel advised, “Only after you have crossed the river can you ridicule the crocodile.” Dr. Daniel Udo-Akang is encouraging every African to play some important role that would bring meaningful and great changes to the continent: initiate programs that would break the circle of dependency in Africa. According to Daniel, we need leaders who can unleash powerful and practical set of economic and political reforms in African countries, in addition to taking advantage of technology resources in European states, Eurasia, and the Western world to develop our brand in scientific and industrial breakthrough, homeland defense and homeland security capabilities, Maritime security among others. Aerial warfare no longer involves getting as close as possible to the enemy targets to shot at it with Machine guns – it relies on sophisticated missile technology based on radar and infra-red systems: we have non! We have to get into the business of growing bigger and better, no begging! On the issue of slavery and invasion of Africa, Daniel advised, “It’s the past, let bygones be bygones.”

“African people cannot continue to stay quiet and subdued because we may only succeed in destroying the lives of Africans – we have to understand the international system – learn the rules of the game, then you can play better than anyone else.” We must take African Union seriously 

The future of Africa is up to Africans
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