Dr. Daniel Udo-Akang

Project Coordinator

The full breath of Dr. Daniel Udo-Akang’s work is evident in his unflinching struggle and unwavering passion and commitment to make Africa a better place for all people. The founder of Africa Intelligence Agency (AIA). An uncompromised voice, a stoic, with extraordinary talent invested in the most-high-stake commitment to support the development of capabilities for the advancement of Africa in the 21st Century. He was Intelligence Studies Instructor at American Military University, West Virginia since 2010 until his new assignment as the Principal, Federal Security Services Group based in the United States. He has been teaching Homeland security and Intelligence professionals serving in various U.S. Homeland defense and Intelligence institutions for many years. Daniel is an accomplished International Investigator.


He graduated from Bellevue University, Nebraska, American Military University, West Virginia, and Northcentral University, Arizona where he earned MS in Security Management, MA in National Security Studies, and a PhD in Homeland Security, Leadership and Policy respectively. In 2014, his research on the “Assessment of Barriers to Institutional Consensus in the U.S. Homeland Security Community” was one of the few selected bibliography for U.S. Army War College’s Library. Daniel’s mentors described him as unusually gifted researcher…He had shown exceptional research skill and ability in the way he handled his PhD dissertation, from the beginning to the end. He earned President Obama’s commendation for his research on Obamacare security in the Cyberspace published by American International Journal of Contemporary Research: A publication made at a time when Obamacare was challenged by widespread speculation on beneficiaries’ data insecurity. As a PhD student, Daniel published very interesting peer-reviewed papers and institutional webzines, including Cyber Attacks: Contemporary Warfare, which was published by Israeli Homeland Security (i-HLS). On assessment of his interesting publications, Dr. Daniel Udo-Akang earned ‘Publishing Author Excellence Award’ from the Northcentral University, Arizona.

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