Africa Continental Police (ACP) is an establishment of modern professional policing. African communities will be working with African Continental Police (ACP) officials and in collaboration with indigenous police force to create community change through the coordination of a more effective crime reporting and incident reporting and response. The ACP will establish Community Policing Forum (CPF), Complaint and reporting mechanisms, and ACP Mobile Services and Apps across African cities to eliminate barriers and build trust for information flow within an integrated information Management system.

Africa Public Safety Commission (APSC) will be established and Africa Homeland Security will be structured around several security and intelligence capabilities to create a new outlook of community perceptions of police, public safety, security uncertainty. Investment, job creations, and public safety are intertwined and inseparable. The Africa Public Safety Commission (APSC) will work in close collaboration with African Union Intelligence and Situation Center (Intel Center) to ensure dynamic and appropriate cooperation between intelligence and Security actors and/or determine cooperative framework in a world of state and continental secrets.