Roshan Vallie

Director of Partnership & Support

Roshan Vallie is the Director of Partnership and Support for Africa Intelligence Agency. She is currently a Senior English teacher and coordinated the English department at a school in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Prior to her current role, she was an English teacher at a private school in Tajikistan, Central Asia and previously tutored the English Language in Egypt and Jordan. . Roshan was the Public Relations Officer at Al Harthy Trading LLC in 2009. Way back in 2004, she featured prominently in Community News and in the Marketing Forum of Islamic Media Agency. She was an administrator ana counsellor at a Community Rehabilitation Center in Cape Town, South Africa.

Roshan completed 3 levels of the Arabic Language in Cairo, Egypt and earned a TESOL Certificate in Cape Town; Journalism Certificate from Cape Technikon; a rehabilitation course in Singapore; matriculated at Islamia English College and pursued a pending bachelor’s at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa. Roshan is currently preparing students for future Ministry and International Cambridge Examinations.

Roshan believes in Africa with the hope that African people take advantage of the myriad cultural strengths of Africa to grow build intimacy with the continent. She sees leadership and security governance as key to the development of Africa – Let us manage the continent’s resources such as rubber, cotton, gold, diamonds and the present attractions of oil reserves and minerals like coltan (powers cellular phones) to improve and enrich the lives of the African people. Who are best to benefit from Africa’s resources than the African people?

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