Ahmed Bolori

AIA Spokesman

Ahmed Bolori is a Peace Ambassador, distinguished youth leader, and Public Commentator who has featured on BBC, Aljazeera, DW among other national and international media outlets. Prior to his appointment as the Spokesman for Africa Intelligence Agency (AIA), Ahmed has been Executive Director at Exit Lanes, a voluntary development organization responsible for peace building, social inclusion, and community development. Following Boko Haram insurgencies in Nigeria, Chad, Cameroun, Niger, and other political instability that caused economic deprivation, poverty, and insecurity, Ambassador Ahmed advocated and coordinated counterterrorism awareness network to enhance education, peace building, de-radicalization, and youth empowerment to help counter/prevent violent extremism. In championing these challenges amidst growing terrorism pressure, Ahmed has been invited to deliver lectures for international and national counterterrorism stakeholders including the Nigerian Army, Nigerian National Security institutions and stakeholders from United Kingdom, the Middle East and others from around the world. Ahmed met one-on-one with the Spiritual leader of Tibet Dalai Lama to earn lessons in pursuit of peace.

Talented Ambassador Ahmed shares the vision of Africa Intelligence Agency. He graduated from the ECOTES Benin University, Benin Republic with a BS degree in International relations and currently working on his Masters degree in International Affairs and Diplomacy. Ahmed was selected by the United States Institute of Peace as one of the 25 international Youth Leaders working in the World’s most terrorized zones to build capacity in countries experiencing complex emergences and within conflict-affected communities: rebuilding societies during and after violence. This is the job Ambassador Ahmed has been doing in the North East of Nigeria where terrorism is hurting growth and development in the region. Listen to him:

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