Africa Intelligence Agency (AIA)

Africa Intelligence Agency is an independent, open source intelligence (OSINT) NGO established to gather intelligence to uncover shielded enemies activities operating in Africa and to be a voice, an enablement in the protection and security of vulnerable African people, animals, birds, and maritime resources. AIA will also function as a certifying and supervisory platform to ensure transparency, integrity, best practices, and accountability of voluntary development organizations’ (VDOs) and other international institutions and organizations operating in Africa. AIA will showcase African Union and its activities for Real-Time visibility and Real-Life interaction with African people: communicate African stories and African Brands. Most importantly, provide advice and information services to the leadership of African Union regarding the security of African People and African resources, in an effort to create homeland security for investors, NGOs, tourists, and important friends and lovers of Africa. The gods walk the earth, the world is full of difficult and dangerous people, not all are human – Secret and motives are unceasingly sought.