Covid-19 Investigative Analytics: Pres. Trump, Christians, American People

Coronavirus is a Bioweapon with many tentacles. Something that was rapidly put together by scientists and rich men of twisted morality in collaboration with international institutions, mindless terrorists who see pandemic killing as the principal agent of historical advancement and population reduction. On one side, many analysts refer to COVID-19 as an extension of the trade war between China and the United States. In the other side, it is referred to as an evil manipulation by the strong to humiliate or coerce the weak. It is a scientific jihad and a preparedness for the actual implementation of the “Universal Digital Identity Program” (UdIP), also known as ID2020: the proposed mandatory vaccination with implantable nano-size microchips or what many have seen as Quantum-dot-Tattoo digital certificate system funded by some multibillionaires: a way to reduce the population of the earth – what the Christendom considered to be an attempt to build “Lucifer Anti-Christ System” or the so called “Mark of Satan (MoS).” So many conspiracy theories: political, religious, and economic theories. But what is the truth? The medical practitioners embrace COVID-19 as an advantage for illicit medical billings in a huge fraudulent medical or healthcare industry. President Trump is struggling with all of those – scientific crooks, medical criminals, virus proliferators with their evil objective aimed at continuous interruption of the means of trade and the processes of production to destroy men and resources wholesale, to indirectly destroy the government, if you will, murder as a political practice to slowly terminate a government and to generate fear that would trigger the implementation of UdIP, the mandatory vaccination of the poor, the blind, the weak.

In 1850, U.S. President Millard Fillmore said, “The Constitution of the U.S. has made it the duty of the President to take care that the laws be faithfully executed…The law is the only sure protection of the weak and the only efficient restraint upon the strong…When impartially and faithfully administered, none is beneath its protection and none above its control.”
President Millard Fillmore
USA 13th president

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Genesis of the Real Issue – COVID-19

In 2019, Kevin McHugh, an assistant professor of bioengineering at Rice University was quoted, “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation came to us and said, ‘Hey, we have a real problem — knowing who’s vaccinated,’ said McHugh, who was recruited to join Rice with funding from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas. “They said, ‘We go on vaccination campaigns where people get into Hummers, drive to a rural village, set up a tent and start immunizing people, but they don’t always know who’s been immunized before and what vaccines are still needed.”

Prior to Kevin McHugh and prior to the pandemic, there was an article in the Times of London, headlined “Billionaires Club in Bid to Curb World Population,” revelation from a top-secret meeting held by the billionaire idols. May 26, 2009, Robert Frank of The Wall Street Journal reported “Billionaires Try To Shrink World’s Population.”  John Harlow of The Sunday Times, Sunday May 24, 2009 reported from Los Angeles, “Some of America’s leading billionaires have met secretly to consider how their wealth could be used to slow the growth of the world’s population…joining forces to overcome political and religious obstacles to change.”

In an event organized by the Center for Global Health Science and Security in January 12, 2017, Dr. Anthony Fauci told a crowd at Georgetown University that, “If there’s one message that I want to leave with you today based on my experience, it is that there is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases.” Truly, COVID-19 emerged in 2019 as prophesized by the Virus Prophet, Dr. Fauci. He emerged a leading member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force established by President Trump in January 2020, to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic – the pandemic he forewarned. Although Dr. Anthony Fauci is not serving in the board of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he is a distinguished member of the Scientific Board of the Global Grand Challenges, subsidiary of the B&MG foundation that is keenly driving the “INCREASING DEMAND FOR VACCINATION SERVICES” from February 2019 to April 2019 (at the peak of CoronaVirus). Bill Gates is quoted as saying, “Until we get mass vaccinations, we might not be able to gather in groups” It is interesting to listen to Dr. Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx discuss the fight against COVID-19 even though all of them succeeded in taking American society to the highest level of negativity regarding Coronavirus and Vaccination, all in support of the BILLIONAIRES goal – to vaccinate American people and possibly the entire world, disregarding all National regulations on (a) human-medical experimentation, (b) country-to-country or people-to-people medical homogeneity or variability, (c) vaccine-reactogenicity across geographies and demographics or vaccine reactivity, (d) infected and uninfected population management, (e) protective responses, and (f) Coronavirus-related and non-coronavirus-related cases or deaths: just mandatory vaccination is the target.

Note: The author of this Investigation is a victim of Green Card Vaccination that destroys his body’s pigment-producing cells causing loss of skin color – kill melanocytes responsible for producing melanin for skin pigmentation. Vaccination has destroyed the lives of many children and adults. No Doctor, no scientist in the United States is able to address this medical issue, not one, not any.

Remember, in October 18, 2019, John Hopkins Center for Health Security in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Foundation hosted EVENT201, a global pandemic exercise. At the event, Dr. Tom Inglesby, the director of John Hopkins Center for Health Security at the Bloomberg School of Public Health was quoted, “In addition to challenging health and health systems, pandemics can cause severe cascading economic and societal consequences.” “Neither governments nor private industries alone can adequately respond to a severe pandemic; they must work together. We’ve designed Event 201 to engage leaders in compelling ways to help them understand the decisions needed to prepare for and respond to biological threats,” he concluded. The president of global development at the Gates Foundation, Chris Elias, noted that “Event 201 and its predecessor simulations like Clade X are crucial tools to understand not only what is needed to effectively respond to global public health crises, but also the consequences of what happens when we are not prepared. The EVENT201 simulation anticipated unlimited death Toll, especially in Africa when the REAL CoronaVirus emerges, just a month or two later.  Event201 players are the world foremost pushers of vaccination in population control. There is no doubt that Coronavirus was introduced to make mandatory vaccination a new reality, a scientific ideology: to enshrine a privilege position for population control – the primary objective of all of the projects.

The Expose, The Questions, and the Analytics

The above collections are excellent expose in addressing some of the deeply troubling questions and concerns regarding COVID-19 emergence. There is an Indian saying, “When you see a new trail, or a footprint you do not know, follow it to the point of knowing.” This message is compiled based on the author’s passion of the Japanese proverbial principle of the three wise monkeys, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” This analytic provides an incontrovertible fact that requires genuine investigation of the genesis of coronavirus and subsequent proposal for mandatory vaccination aggressively pursued in the intersection of the scientists, billionaires, and the virus proliferators – the make of the wall of evil pillars. The deeply troubling question American people are asking is, Why were these people, ordinary citizens allowed to conduct scientific research associated with human lives without congressional oversight and/or U.S. intelligence participation to monitor activities, ask questions, raise concerns, discover objectives, and possibly terminate the process? The simple answer is billionaires are above the law in the United States of America – in the biblical sense, as recorded in Ecclesiastes Chapter 10 verse 19, “…money answers everything.” To many Americans, it’s a breach of public health and safety, suggestive of some sort of satanic complicity by U.S. officials in the pursuit of the ID2020 population shrinking project and subsequent implementation of the mandatory vaccination, as presently pursued: a factor connected with the present campaign for the second wave of Coronavirus – to TRIGGER vaccination RUSH.

Christians Perspectives – And President Trump

To Christians, “there is reason to fear that the time is near, if it be not already at hand.” The Christians are worried about the unconcerned attitude of governments, the silence, even prior to President Trump’s administration, to the extent of allowing certain privileged individuals and privately owned foundations to engage in some projects associated with human life without oversight. The Christians are discussing the push for mandatory vaccination as a campaign for the manifestation of the Mark of the Beast on innocent citizens as against the Mark of the Lamb as recorded in Revelation Chapter 13 Verses 16-18 and Chapter 7 Verses 1-8/Chapter 14 Verse 1 respectively. These two opposite marks or two polar realities constitute the ongoing struggle in the world, especially in the United States, the righteous on the one side and the wicked on the other. The trust in God on the one hand and the trust in science on the other. The primary questions Christians are asking is “how did we survive all these generations without pandemic and without vaccinations…” The Christians are concerned about the Virus Prophet Dr. Anthony Fauci – where he got the Prophesy from and spoke with high level of confident the manifestation of the Virus in this government.

Although President Trump boldly suspended, indeed terminated United States involvement in the World Health Organization (WHO) and suspended several independent scientific activities related to pandemic and vaccinations, a great number of American people interpret Dr. Fauci’s authority in the White House Virus Coordination as government complicit. However, many Christians praised President Trump’s boldness in the declaration of the bible and the U.S. trust in God as a standard and subsequent declaration to open all worship centers throughout the United States. On Monday June 15, he equally declared, “if we stop testing right now, we’d have very few cases, if any.” That singular display of faith in God by the President as against the collective display of negativity by a great number of Americans is something very pleasing to the Christians and indeed to God. We must note that the President of the United States does not just speak, he speaks based on intelligence.  The President saw COVID-19 testing as a satanic manipulation of American people and moved swiftly to stop it – he raised the Bible in the Church as a standard for American people – something similar to what President Roosevelt did in 1942, when he said, “The world is too small to provide adequate “living room” for both Hitler and God…the plan by which the Holy Bible and the Cross of Mercy would be displaced by Mein Kampf and the swastika and the naked sword.”

It is the same message President Trump passed tactically across to COVID-19 barbarians, the bio-jihadists. Today, American people are massively declared COVID-19-positive even without any sign or symptoms of illness, not even fever nor flu. Many Christians are saying, “Our reasoning, our thoughts are now more of the future than the past – how can we preserve our trust in God to free ourselves from these ongoing satanic manipulations.” If God created man in His own image and likeness, why are we subjecting ourselves to this unholy satanic contempt for human race in the name of Pandemic. Many Americans believe that anything that is driven by continuous and repeated negativity, even into the future, is satanic and such an adventure carries hopelessness, joblessness, closed factories, ruined and abandoned farms, closed businesses, inhibited supply chain and absolute fear. A great number of others believe that if President Trump was not a flexible and positive leader, severe famine and misery would engulf America.

What do you want President Trump to do for you other than providing the enlightenment, the awareness of what the evil manipulation, COVID-19 stands for? He speaks the simple TRUTH based on Investigative intelligence. Listen to this, Dr. Fauci said, “I’m trying to figure out where Trump got false claim that 99% of virus cases are totally harmless.” Dr. Fauci, President Trump got the information directly from some very honest Physicians and Nurses who are physically in contact with the victims in their respective hospitals. Are you not aware that certain physicians and nurses are warning their loved ones, their countrymen and women, their friends, not to visit the hospitals because people are dying for lack of knowledge, for medical complications and confusion? Are you not aware that many physicians, especially nurses are advising friends and relations to visit their personal physicians than show up in the hospitals? Are you not aware that many people are dying in the hospitals because of maltreatment, wrong administration of medications and most importantly medical negligence? Are you not aware that people are dying out of frustration, incarceration, inability to talk to their loved ones? How many Asian Americans do you see visiting the hospitals? President Trump receives intelligence on all of these situations. Why do you choose to use your knowledge to humiliate and coerce American people? Why are we callously spilling innocent blood and waste precious lives? President Trump is not isolated from the people – he feels their pains. He speaks because the information is made available to him.

CoronaVirus Second Wave Campaign

U.S. President Roosevelt in 1933 said, “Only a foolish optimist can deny the dark realities of the moment.” President Trump is aware that CoronaVirus negative propaganda is driven by money over the lives of the people…he is aware of medical declaration of all sicknesses COVID-19-related. That is why U.S. Vice President Pence declared openly, “There isn’t a coronavirus second wave…” COVID-19 propagandists are satanic players in the push to make mandatory vaccinations a reality taking advantage of preexisting medical impropriety… American people cannot be ignorant of the fact that the healthcare industry in the United States is a 5-7 Trillion dollars business with the highest number of professional fraudsters across multiple, inefficient and cumbersome marketplaces. COVID-19 is just another marketplace within the industry, like many of them are currently saying, “this is our time to make it.” Many have earned billions already and some others are pushing for the continuity of Coronavirus cases, killing innocent people in the name of COVID-19, just to exacerbate the situation.

After all, as Senator Scott Jensen was quoted, “Hospitals get paid more if Medicare patients are listed as having COVID-19 and get three times as much money if they need a ventilator.” He further stated, “How can anyone not believe that increasing the number of COVID-19 deaths may create an avenue for states to receive a larger portion of federal dollars. Already some states are complaining that they are not getting enough of the CARES Act dollars because they are having significantly more proportional COVID-19 deaths.” He said, “Hospital administrators might well want to see COVID-19 attached to a discharge summary or a death certificate… if they’re Medicare – typically, the diagnosis-related group lump sum payment would be $5,000. But if it’s COVID-19 pneumonia, then it’s $13,000, and if that COVID-19 pneumonia patient ends up on a ventilator, it goes up to $39,000.” This is a Farm, this is a shopping mall, this is blood money. Tell me why hospital administrators should not collaborate with Physicians to cite all medical conditions COVID-19, in an effort to benefit from the higher Medicare allocation allowed under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act. President Trump received intelligence on all of these – he knows that these are fabrications, fraud, the gravest of crimes against humanity. Unfortunately, American people are not taking their time to study the body language of the President. Abraham Lincoln said, “My countrymen, one and all, take time and think, think calmly and well, upon this whole subject. Nothing valuable can be lost by taking time.”

In his speech on the NEW DEAL, July 2, 1932, President Franklin Roosevelt said, “Today we shall have come through a period of loose thinking, descending morals, an era of selfishness, among individual men and women and among nations, Blame not governments alone on this. Blame ourselves in equal share. Let us be frank in acknowledgement of the truth that many, amongst us have made obeisance to Mammon that the profits of speculation, the easy road without toil, have lured us from the old barricades. To return to higher standards we must abandon the false prophets…” The United States of America is a country of tremendous power and knowledge. Many are asking, why would CoronaVirus, a bioweapon, overwhelm America’s long history of bioweapon readiness and preparedness? Where are the national strategies for Biodefense, strategies developed in President Clinton, President Bush, President Obama, and President Trump administrations? Clearly, there was no practical preparedness to defend American people in case of bioweapon attacks.

It is not about blaming President Trump – I mean, for the past 20 years, there was nothing in terms of capability to counter bio-attacks against America and American people, not even ventilators or face shield or anything in that nature. If those things were in place prior to President Trump, does it mean the President refused to take advantage of them? In fact, there was no accountability mechanism. Probably, the policy was there but no policy articulation, no strategy implementation nor substantial compliance in public health. Although American people remained true to themselves, they were unaware that something was coming to strip them of all the safeguards of liberty and freedom.

Today, American people are afraid for their lives every minute, every hour of the day and night. They think that every food, every cup of water, every straw, plates, keys, stoves, papers, pen, spoons, pillows, dresses, chairs, bed, doors, cars, everything is virus-infected. They are afraid to touch their toothpastes and brushes, to enter the bushes or walk around trees, afraid of every path and footpath, every hole, every stick, every clip or needle and anything – the carts in the store, the commodities in the store, and indeed, many people are afraid to physically touch their currency. Fear has crippled American society. In fact, some people with minor flu or fever or body pain are paralyzed by the thought of Coronavirus. American people claim science is the direction they must follow. We have read about Abraham Lincoln who had reverence for God and His Word and regarded the Bible as the best gift God has given to man…” if the Almighty Ruler of Nations, with His eternal truth and justice, be on your side of the North, or on yours of the South, that truth and that justice will surely prevail by the judgment of this great tribunal of the American people.”

President Trump has struggled to bring back this faith and trust in God but people are calling him names. For example, my good friend, the Governor of New York recently said, “President Trump is facilitating the virus…he is enabling the virus.” That’s not true, the President is rather enabling American people to trust in God as Abraham Lincoln did. That is American value and American tradition and American culture. Yes, there is Coronavirus but it’s been negatively advanced by evil people. The President has no right to stop anyone from visiting the hospital even if your case is not COVID-19 related.

He cannot place any obstacle in the way of what may appear to be the believe and wishes of the people. But he probably wants American people to know that COVID-19 is a ‘two-edge sword’: money making mechanism and a drive to support the reality of satanic vaccination. The idea is that if the virus is not driven into the future, then the actualization of vaccination will be inhibited. There is a common saying in America that “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set ye free.” It is also boldly written on the floor of the Pentagon Building and it’s biblical. President Trump is a smart guy and he is trying to make American people smart.

Bioweapon Challenge and the U.S. Approach

Social distancing and Isolation of infected persons were first used by U.S. military genius George Washington back in the 1700, in the years of the Revolutionary War when a highly contagious and uncontrollable epidemic, Variola Virus (smallpox) threatened the destruction of his Army. Variola Virus was a more serious and dangerous virus than Coronavirus, I mean, we are talking about SMALLPOX in the 1700, a time when science was limited and technology was crude. In secrecy and speed, Washington ordered isolation, quarantine, and inoculation of all troops. Infected soldiers and potential recruits were sent to isolation hospital – isolation and treatment and redeployment. Although the disease was contagious, economic activities were not disrupted, no lockdown. The war was successfully conducted. In fact, at some point soldiers and civilians were able to individually inoculate themselves because of the simplicity of the vaccination process, until smallpox was “perfectly removed from the Army” as General Gates reported.

For those who have studied the history of America in terms of managing critical projects, such names as General Gates, General Richard Groves are recalled. We expected the U.S. government to recruit such scientific genius as General Groves to manage COVID-19. It was surprising that despite years of U.S. preparedness and deliberation that biological threats are among the most serious threats facing the country and the entire world, the United States was not practically prepared to manage the biological agent outbreak. The entire world expected a very unique U.S. reaction to Coronavirus – many countries were waiting to replicate U.S. approach. Unfortunately, the United States had just nothing in terms of strategy, capability, and/or methodology for dealing with outbreaks of disease or biological attacks. Indeed, U.S. knowledge was limited in terms of the ‘Geometry of COVID-19’ and the nature of associated spikes. Mask wearing and social distancing are just temporary bandage. The expectation of many people was that, after years of scientific research, the United States should have been able to build and maintain catalogs of all animals and catalog of all viruses that live in those animals, in addition to developing vaccines and treatment for those viruses that can hurt human.

Many of us do know the work General Richard Groves accomplished, Manhattan project, during World War II beside his leadership in the construction of the Pentagon in just a few months. If good brains were put together, why would the United States shutdown and lockdown all economic activities because of Coronavirus even if other countries did so. Two things American people expected the U.S. to have in readiness for biological attacks:

  1. Emergency Evacuation Ships or Quarantine Ships or Isolation Ships. Hyundai Heavy Industries based in ULSAN, South Korea manufacturer of ships for various purposes.
  2. Earth Space Suits or Space Suits for Earth (Gas Tight or alternative) suitable for work environments. ILC Dover is capable of making spacesuits for various planets.

These capabilities were not in place, even in previous governments, nothing was put in place, it’s an unspeakable tragedy but it happened. In 1947, President Harry Truman said, “No government is perfect. One of the chief virtues of democracy, however, is that its defects are always visible and under democratic processes can be pointed out and corrected.”

Lockdown And Shutdown: An Absurd Strategy in the 21st Century

How can a superpower shutdown government, shutdown industries, shutdown factories, create joblessness, create and escalate fear, because of pandemic in the 21st Century? Where is the technology? Where is the science? People like Dr. Fauci and Dr. Redfield were so proud to encourage people to stay at home and eat sand. Government continued to use tax payers money to pay these guys. Show me the brain, show me the wisdom, show me the smartness of American people. For generations, American people are known for doing something unique, something special, something to replicate…not fear. If appropriate preparedness, such as the use of Emergency Evacuation Ships or Isolation Ships and the Distribution of Earth Space Suits were put in place prior to President Trump administration, the idea of government lockdown or shutdown would not arise. Joblessness could have been avoided. Otherwise, tell us how Walmart and all the Grocery stores managed their customers and employees for the past many months of pandemic. How did they manage the traffic? Why do you think other jobs with less traffic would not succeed in similar fashion or even succeed better if Universal Space Suit Earth (USSE) was introduced in readiness for biological weapon attacks? Alternatively, how are the nurses and the physicians surviving with their jobs and with those traditional covers? So, why the lockdown and why the negative propaganda.

However, there are Americans we must acknowledge and honor, who raised their voices despite the gravity of the situation, determined to fight for their freedom and liberty – people like the author of this document who took advantage of cheap airfare to travel to many places without fear to gather information from Physicians and healthcare practitioners. Thanks to American Airline – it’s truly American – It was always in the air. Thanks to Walmart and many Grocery Stores – their doors have remained opened to supply essentials to American people. Most importantly, thanks to President Trump – very bold, very flexible, very positive, very patriotic leader – not yielding to pressure but treated pieces of advice from some inexperienced people with limitations. Although he provided a platform for deliberations and briefings, he’s been mucking around the ideas of those satanic scientists, medical barbarians, medical fraudsters, and medical jihadists. He struggled and wrestled with Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci’s hard-wired brains of negativity and the health anxiety created by the CDC scientists. The President walked around with no Mask as an indication that the situation is not as bad as they portrayed. He humiliated the biology of negativity created by the CDC and Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx. President Trump succeeded in reducing the excessive nervousness, fear, and worry of American people. The U.S. Congress should take all the blame because Committee members, subcommittee members and appropriation Committees are vested with the power of institutional oversight. They should have known what capabilities were in place for biodefense in case of bioweapon attacks. In fact, many Americans described former and present U.S. Congress in the words of President Truman, “do-nothing, good-for-nothing Congress.” Perhaps, the U.S. biodefense preparedness was based on the common African saying that, “Rome was not built in a day.”

CoronaVirus and Africa

In the global population shrinking project, UdIP implementation project, Africa was the primary target. But despite the poverty, the rural trashy streets, the colonial mentality, the unhealthy obsession with money by political leaders, Africa remains the cradle of human race where the unseen Universal Spirit dwells. African people have been dealing with viruses for generations. Historically, there is a place in Africa, precisely Southern Nigeria where Bat Virus (popularly called Bat Soup) was used as a Bioweapon to kill the Colonial Masters and the White Slave Traders. Not anyone of the slave traders escaped what was called the White-Rain Sacrifice. Until this day, the necromancers are still in possession of white human skulls and other dried body parts of the White Slave traders – mainly used for sacrifice to the gods of the Land on a yearly basis. Bat-poison became a popular source of weapon against emerging enemies. If someone was mistakenly poisoned or mistakenly inhaled the Bat Soup, Python oil (Aran Asabo) was usually administered to the victim for immediate recovery. African people have enormous traditional concoction capable of curing virus-infected persons even though those traditional resources are not advertised in the public sphere. There is no visitor who can claim understanding of Africa…not anyone.

African spirituality is holistic and complex – In Africa, the trees can speak, the waters can speak, the sand can speak, and the dead can speak etc. That was why many African people laughed when Melinda Gates predicted coronavirus apocalypse in Africa. Mrs. Gates said, “When I saw what China had to do to isolate an enormous part of its population. My first thought was Africa. How in the world are they going to deal with this? It is going to be horrible in the developing world. Part of the reasons you are seeing the case numbers still do not look very bad is because they don’t have access to many tests. Look at what is happening in Ecuador, they are putting bodies out on the streets, you are going to see that in countries in Africa…I see dead bodies in the streets of Africa.” Apart from the Gates’s projections of mass deaths, total doom in Africa as a result of COVID-19, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) also stated, “Anywhere between 300,000 and 3.3 million African people could lose their lives as a direct result of COVID-19.”

There is a popular construct, sort of maxim used to describe Africa, “the more you look, the less you see” – there is need for many people and institutions to reprofile African continent. Some of the capabilities of Africa are invisible, within the cultural and traditional enclave. For anybody or institution or government to continue to believe that Africa of 54 countries will experience apocalypse as a result of Coronavirus is a clear indication that they do not know Africa. Although ordinary people are excluded from political democratization, African people continue to have confidence and faith in God, in brotherhood, with strong families, close-knit communities; believing that the days of their children would be better than their own. That is why U.S. global leadership is important, to continue to promote genuine democratic practices and political affection among the younger generation. The United States was key, the backbone of Africa decolonization. Africa needs America and vice versa. For now, the U.S. government should do more to promote democratic consensus because political polarization has risen dangerously to create societal anger, racism, and hatred. The evil men of COVID-19 are exploiting these weaknesses for their own monetary and satanic advantage. The patriotism is dead, the love and oneness of American people have been replaced by fear, tears, suffering, and death.

White House Coronavirus Task Force

The threat of COVID-19 is ‘stretching the neck of American people over the fence’ and the physicians are waiting at their various hospitals with knives to cut them. The President of the United States knows better – Many times, he has sounded warnings that the COVID-19 testing is fraudulent, evil, and masterminded by medical and scientific crooks in collaboration with vaccination-facilitated billionaires (population shrinking players). Again, the President declared, “if we stop testing right now, we’d have very few cases, if any.”  We have heard from many medical physicians and nurses warning people to stay away from hospitals – contact your personal physicians. However, American people expect President Trump to do just one more thing: we expect you, Mr. President, to fire Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx and the CDC Director Dr. Redfield. We cannot continue to waste American Tax-Payers’ money on these people, considering the level of negativity, the level of fear, the level of agony, the health anxiety they have caused American people. Many people have lost their lives and many families are suffering because of their actions – the unprofessional way-of-working, managing COVID-19. Public health and public safety are the work of the U.S. Homeland Security. Every American is convinced that their knowledge is very limited in Pandemic management.

Besides, they are representing various interest groups, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and Billionaires agenda – the population shrinking projects, the Mandatory Vaccination projects, many interlocking projects, all of which are considered satanic manifestations by the Christians. Those projects are aimed at terminating the freedom and liberty of American people and indeed, the entire world. By the way, these guys are working against you, Mr. President, against your government, against the Almighty God and His eternal Truth and Justice. The American people constitute the greatest tribunal and they are asking you to fire these guys. There are so many talented Military Generals or other scientific experts who can manage this war. Your people are slowly dying in the hands of medical mediocre and medical thieves. The hospital stakeholders in collaboration with physicians are killing vulnerable victims with minor health anxiety, just for money. The nation is ravaged and gripped in fear. The CDC and COVID-19 Task Force have turned themselves into international virus speculators – actually enhancing the strength of the pandemic. It is far more dangerous and is heartbreaking, Mr. President.  

Dr. Daniel Udo-Akang, PhD
International Investigator
Homeland Security/Intelligence Consultant
Founder: Africa Intelligence Agency

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