African People: Freedom is your Right – Make Noise, Real Noise

African people have been fooled long enough by their leaders. Increasing unrest everywhere:
disentegration, disorganization, coups, killing, politically-motivated insecurity and security
uncertainty created by voluntary development organizations (VDOs). Issues can no longer be
resolved by palliatives. The betrayal of Democracy in Africa: no sense of duty, only sense of
self-enrichment. Public servants have thoughts in terms of riches without service, leaving
service without riches to those they consider fools. Traditional fathers are not questioning the
servant leaders either. Many African people are beginning to see the reality: immediate future
looking even darker than the immediate past. Political corruption is accepted, even by developed
democracies, as a necessity of government and illicit practices have permeated the entire economic
and democratic structures. The word politics stinks. Many beautiful and happy homelands of heroes,
homes of plenty and abundance becoming no more than an uninteresting desert because of deceitful
democratic decadence. Politics of terrorism and Illicit practices emerged, became widespread in
Africa, especially Nigeria. The rest of Africa thrown into permacrisis. The genesis: the fire that
started at the center in the aftermath of 9/11 spread to all neigborhoods and intensified slavery
especially in Africa. Terror-politics became profitable, enhanced by kidnapping and banditization
of the less-privileged, actually the vulnerable population. African nations took advantage in using
terrorism to champion democracy for the reign of impunity: a system designed to disobey the law and
the African Congresses, under the disguise of democracy, are legislating African people into slavery,
into poverty. Actually, slavery is not completely bad because slavery is capable of furthering civilization.
Historically, slavery became part of the discipline by which man acquired the habits of toil and began
to prepare for industry. Aristotle argued for slavery as natural and inevitable. To be free from slavery,
African people must have to start making noise, real noise: President of Gabon Ali Bongo Ondimba is teaching
African people what to do when you remain in slavery for too long – Make Noise, Real Noise. Otherwise,
you will never be free. That means, noise is a determinant of freedom!

The African Americans became free after series of REAL NOISE, big noise came from the Universal Hero,
American Minister of the Gospel, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He made real noise before African Americans were
partially freed. Even now, they are not completely free. There is still that distinction between a White
man and the Black: differential treatment and everlasting divide. Why is Neocolonialism inching to
Africa today? It is because precious minerals like Californium in the North East of Nigeria, Diamond
in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Coltan (columbite–tantalites) from Democratic Republic of Congo
and Rwanda; Unlimited Gold Deposits in East Africa, Condensate in Offshore Akwa Ibom, Nigeria; unlimited
Manganese Deposit in Gabon (almost world’s largest). Should I still mention huge oil and gas deposits
in all countries of Africa.

Even with all those oil and gas and coal, Africa is still in the dark. Autocrats leaders in Africa have not
taken advantage of neither the unlimited Renewable energy sources, the sun, wind, and water nor the abundance
of oil and gas and coal for the benefit of the people. African people have not seen neither the dirty energy
nor the clean energy but at least they can see the luxury of those who are supposed to be servant leaders.

I do not want to mention the giant of Africa, Nigeria. At least, President Tinubu is planning to give Eight
thousand (N8,000) naira, approximately $7.5 dollars to 12 million households to alleviate their sufferings.
I am not sure if that is a step in the right direction. But I know that fiscal tightening is real globally.
Maybe we can invite Rufai Oseni of Arise News to provide analysis on this. It’s not surprising if this is the
best Nigerian people can get. After all, African people, especially Nigerians are always plauded for possessing
deep-seated resilience that enabled them to surmount uncommon hardship. I want to believe that Nigerians are
begining to connect with APC President Tinubu just the same way African Americans felt personal connection to
Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War Era. At least, for the first time in their lives, an occupant of the White
House seemed concerned about their welfare. President Lincoln responded to 120 letters written by poor African
American citizens. He was named “the Chief Citizen and the Great Emancipator.” This is what we need in Africa,
especially Nigeria. When Abraham Lincoln entered the White House on March 4, 1861, the House was not only divided,
the House was on Fire because his primary assignment was to emancipate African Slaves.

In a letter written by a thirty-nine-year-old Private Black Soldier from Camp Parpit, New Orleans,
to President Abraham Lincoln in 1863. He stated, “My Dear and Worthy Friend, Mr. President, I take this
opportunity to introduce myself to you by writing these few lines to let you know that you have proven
a friend to me and to all our race…We came out to be true Union Soldiers, the Grandsons of Mother Africa…but
we are treated like Parcels of Rebels…” President Lincoln responded and fixed the problem. These are the kind
of leaders to replicate, to correct our dysfunctional terrorism-facilitated leadership in Africa. Many analysts
have said that Nigeria has not only dissapointed Africa and the world but also her children and her children children.
To me, I reserve my comment because I have been warned. I hope the internal and external pressures mounted on
the 2023 election tribunal yield better outcome. As it is, I cannot blame the election tribunal leadership no matter
what’s the outcome as long as it doesn’t risk the country becoming ungovernable or descend into chaos. The duty of the
Tribunal is to dispense justice. Leadership at that level must be responsible and responsive to the people to
ensure the Rule of Law prevail. Disregard all international influence and pressures. Although I personally did not
support APC President Tinubu because of APC performance during President Buhari, if the judgment favors him, let’s join
hands to fix the country. On that note, I apologize to President Tinubu and all other politicians for any ugly remarks
from my side. Let’s follow, replicate, if you will, the Democratization practices of the United States.
Needless to anticipate NOISE-MAKING or any kind of call for noise making as President Ali Bongo Ondimba of Gabon.

On that note, Africa Intelligence Agency (AIA) will, for the first time, recognize the new Leadership in Gabon and Niger.
We hope for speedy constitutional reform and the return of the country to a Democratically Elected Government.
We encourage African Union to recognize and support changes of this nature. Otherwise, the African Union should support
and facilitate a true constitutional reform for a genuine democratic transition in those countries. Alternatively, there
is nothing wrong in inviting a stable democracy like the United States of America to help out. What is primarily running
the government of the United States is the CONSTITUTION. Democracy requires an acceptable constitution to work. That is the
challenge of democratization in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

The government of the people is not respected by the people because 8 out of 10 Africans believe that only those
who are prepared to die or those who have stolen sufficient money to pay assassins can boldly contest elections. To many
countries within the international community, it does not matter whether politicians have emptied and siphoned your country’s
treasury, as long as the name “DEMOCRACY” is mentioned, even if every vulnerable or weak citizen is killed, the political
party must be supported by the international community to completely destroy the country. After all, the enemy can only
be able to enter a house that is divided against itself. Three days ago, I watched “The Rachel Maddow Show”, displayed
son of President Teodoro Obiang of Equatorial Guinea in a video displaying looted money in California: High level Money
Laundering by member of a democratically elected President of Equatorial Guinea. Watch this video and think about it:
one of the democracies. Compared to Niger and Gabon, Soldiers in Equatorial Guinea are economically and spiritually helpless.
Democracy is going on, the citizens are exhausted by the struggle, Government of stealing and materialism is weighing them down,
they are being crushed and exterminated and all who believe in freedom must die – the same thing is happening in Cameroun and
the rest of Africa – with defenseless currency.

I know that Nigerians are waiting patiently for the outcome of 2023 electoral Tribunal Judgment. Of course I know that
the Tribunal has been subjected to international pressure and influence and perhaps threats from some influential
countries within the international community. I am aware that rice is currently being distributed – a cup per family: the
dividends of democracy. Former President Ali Bongo Ondimba of Gabon is saying “Call friends, Make Noise, Real Noise…”

– President, Africa Intelligence Agency

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